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Own your professional decluttered workspace. BenQ InstaShow Wireless Presentation System is intuitive to use. As a device which protects your info-security by passing CVSS 3.0 standards tested by an ISO27001 & ISO17025 certified security lab. A black box approach is executed to simulate an external hacking or cyber-attacks, ensuring your corporate intelligent properties are well safeguarded.

Wireless Presentation Solution

Intuitive Design

Just plug-n-play without a driver. Click the button and project an image directly. 

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Smooth Video Play

Dedicated router chipset provides processing power to support better bandwidth utilization for fast and smooth streaming.
Benq smart interactive flat panel display UAE

Overall Security

WPA2 with AES 128-bit encryption mode and its standalone network work hand in hand to arrive at the elevated level of security.
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BenQ InstaShow Plug & Play Wireless Presentation Solution

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BenQ Instashow WDC20

InstaShow Opens Many Meeting Possibilities

Who Needs InstaShow?

Wireless Presentation Solution

For Presentation

Professionals or SMEs who present or brief often 

Wireless Presentation Solution

For Training & Seminars

Business and Education Units who conduct internal training and seminars

Wireless Presentation Solution

For Security

Organizations who value information security 

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Wireless Presentation Solution

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