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Cosec Door FOT

Optical Fingerprint and Proximity Card based Time-Attendance Terminal (Card Module is not Included)

Support EM Prox Card Module

Dot-Matrix LCD and Touchsense Keypad

Ethernet and USB Connectivity, Mobile Broadband Connectivity Through External (3G/4G) Dongle  

Time-Attendance and Cafeteria Application

5,00,000 Events and 9,600 Fingerprint Templates

12VDC Power Supply through Adaptor or Battery Backup

It is an obvious fact that employees have always been bickering with the HR department pertaining the issues of manual attendance marking system. Biometric attendance system can bring about drastic improvements in managing employee and processes. With the advancement in such systems, businesses have started operating more accurately and efficiently.

Matrix COSEC DOOR FOT, one of the variants in Door Series, is specifically designed for fulfilling demanding Time-Attendance application requirements. An automated biometric attendance system comprises of various phases such as enrolment of employees’ credential, capturing user attendance, processing attendance data, generate informative reports and payroll processing. It is a premium door controller which records and controls entries and exits through various credentials like Fingerprint, RFID Card, and PIN. The award-winning design, multiple credentials and connectivity options fulfil the requirements of all types of businesses for biometric Time-Attendance application. Therefore, this solution is ideal for various sectors that include Hospitals, Schools, Banks, Government Institutes, Hotels, Remote Sites and Large/Small Enterprises.

Identification through biometric attendance system becomes quick and records in/out time clocking of employees instantaneously. COSEC DOOR FOT, a well-engineered Door Controller, can be used for various applications like Time-Attendance and Cafeteria Management. It records exact time of a user using fingerprint RFID Card and PIN in less than one second. 

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