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Are you Shopping for a New Large Venue Projector? Consider Laser Projection.

Technology is developing day by day. Development in technology is reflected in every aspect of our lives. Innovative technologies have also resulted in significant changes in the field of visual media. Especially in the field of projectors, we have a lot of choices and options. Currently, there are five types of projectors: DLP, LCD, LED, LCOS, and LASER. Laser projectors are the current trend with many advantages. Especially the BenQ Smart Laser Projector, which has been in great demand recently. As a top distributor of BenQ Smart and Laser Projectors in the UAE, we have received a lot of positive feedback from clients all over the UAE regarding the positive aspects of the BenQ Smart laser projector.

After the pandemic period, demand for large venue projectors increased significantly. Online streaming and OTT releases also improved demand for projectors, as people could have a theatre experience with a projector. If you are planning to buy a new large venue projector in the UAE, Smart Solutions and IT Technology LLC can help you find the best projector at an affordable rate.

As we already said, in today’s market we have a wide variety of brands and models of projectors available, but in today’s conditions, a laser projector has many advantages over other models. BenQ provides extremely high-quality pictures with realistic colors that remain constant throughout the video streaming. Also, laser projectors can survive for 20,000 or more hours without any maintenance. Like water is the enemy of fire, the main threat to projectors is dust, but don’t worry, BenQ Projectors come with dust proof technology, which ensures long-lasting picture quality in large venues. They are also very easy to install, and they are reliable and don’t require any periodic service. They are also cheaper to run compared to other competitors and have a very low cost of replacement parts. Dust-proof technology is an essential requirement for projectors in large cities like the UAE.

Advantages of BenQ Smart Laser projector

BenQ Large Venue Projectors provide powerful installation flexibility for museums, stages, exhibitions, and gala events, with ultra-high brightness from BlueCore Laser and dual-lamp light sources, superb image quality, and enduring performance for large public spaces.

BlueCore Laser Projection for Superior Image Quality

BlueCore Laser Projectors provide unrivalled high-lumen brightness with exceptional image quality throughout their long-lasting extended lifecycles, dominating consumers’ attention with massive eye-catching images. BlueCore Laser Projectors also use a dual color wheel technology to achieve faultless RGBY color performance with improved color intensity, balance, and authenticity. The BlueCore laser light source is designed for 24/7 continuous operation and is rated for 20,000 hours of operation at maximum brightness without lamp replacement for continuously uninterrupted operation.

Uninterrupted Presentation with Dual-Lamp Projector

In the event that one of the lamps burns out, the BenQ dual-lamp projector guarantees excellent brightness and eliminates disruptions during presentations. In single-light mode, the system also detects remaining bulb life to balance individual lamp consumption.

360° and Portrait Projection Accommodate Nonstandard Spaces

BenQ Large Venue Projectors guarantee reliable projection from any angle. Dynamic installation options such as 360° rotation and portrait applications, allows projection onto ceiling, walls, floors or angled signage.

Stay in Control with BenQ MDA Software

Empowering administrators to efficiently perform day-to-day scheduling, operation, and maintenance, the BenQ Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software’s dashboard enables powerful centralized monitoring, projector control, identification, and task management across an entire public display network from a single computer. The MDA can simplify routines such as opening and closing procedures in multiple halls, exhibitions, and meeting rooms via its scheduling features and remote power on/off capability.

Uncompressed Transmission using HDBaseT Up to 100m

HDBaseT connection integrates video, audio, and device control signals from many sources, including PCs, laptops, document cameras, Blu-rays, and DVDs, into a signal CAT5 cable enabling smooth long distance transmissions of up to 100 meters.

Optional Lenses for a Wide Range of Applications

BenQ Large Venue Projectors allow a variety of lens options. These Japanese-made all-glass lenses prevent chromatic aberration and color flare for maximum image quality. With simple and secure lens adjustments, a rapid one-button release mechanism optimizes installation possibilities and projection designs.

As a major BenQ Smart and Laser Projectors distributors in uae, you can contact us for further details regarding buying and Service of BenQ Smart Laser Projectors.

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