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Common Utax Printer Service Issues

Offices would not be complete without printers. Problems with the printers might hinder office productivity as a whole. Some errors with the printers may be minute and can be easily repairable. However, there are times when it is preferable to speak with a reliable printer servicing specialist. Smart Solution and IT solution is a leading printer supplier in Dubai that provides Utax photocopier Repair flawlessly. They are also a prominent triumph adler multifunctional copier distributors in dubai. Over the years, we have seen a number of typical Utax printer faults that, if immediately addressed by a skilled printer technician, are readily fixable.

Some of the Common Utax Printer Service Issues

Very slow Printing

Very slow printing is seen in some Utax printers after a certain time period. This slow printing is sometimes annoying and it may lead to delay in service of the whole office. It consumes both the money and time of an efficient office. There may be multiple problems behind this slow printing, with an experienced printer service professional it can be resolved quickly.

Lines on Paper

Another disturbing issue that users face is lines or streaks in the printed paper. There may be many reasons for this cause, including foreign substances on the scanner glass, malfunctions in the drum or drum blade. These all result in irregular lines on the pages.

Cleaning the scanner glass and mirrors will sometimes help resolve this problem. You should be extremely careful before cleaning the glass and mirrors. Read the user manual carefully before doing the cleaning. If this doesn’t resolve this issue, try contacting a reputed service center.

Printing Blank Page

Printing of Blank Page is another disturbing issue that we face with the Printers. There are many reasons for this issue. It may be caused as a result of empty toner or Ink. If that is the problem we can provide you with the best quality toners or Ink at an affordable price.

Also, If you have multiple printers, make sure you have selected the right printer. Be sure your printer is properly connected to the computer with a proper Wifi network, USB, or ethernet connection. Try shutting down the printer and restarting your computer or laptop. Wait for some time and restart it. If none of these remedies work, it could be an issue of a corrupted driver that needs to be reinstalled.

Paper Jams

The most aggravating Utax printer issue is a paper jam, which disrupts office work flow. Paper jams are typically a simple problem to resolve. This problem can be solved by manually removing the paper and loading dust-free papers with proper alignment and thickness.

Loading dust-free papers is also important when using printers, as it can cause total machine damage. Cleaning the feed tyres on a regular basis also helps to keep dust out of the printers. Frequent Inspection of your printer by an expert technician or using a managed print service is a great remedy to avoid these kinds of issues.

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