5 Benefits that businesses get from managed print services

Managed Print Services: Challenges & Things to consider while Buying

Digitalization is a great reformation that we are witnessing in this twenty-first century. It has numerous advantages. The adaptation of digitalization has skyrocketed the printing industry too. It has forced printer manufacturing companies to create new technologies and services to fulfill various needs. The managed print service is prominent among them. HP, the leading company among printers, offers HP Managed Print Service to its customers. As a leading printer and copier supplier in the UAE, we have seen both the advantages and disadvantages of managed print services. Let’s look at the challenges and things to think about when choosing a managed print service.

Documentation is a main concern of every companies  and government offices. Country like UAE with a large number of public and private sector companies require a large pile of documentation every minute. So documentation is a main concern, this hectic problems of documentation can easily sort out with the help of a very good managed print service company like HP.

It is important to select the best Managed Print Services solution provider when selecting one. The choice should be based on operational requirements, cost, and print frequency. Furthermore, the selection should include an assessment of the business’s technical know-how available and required to begin using Enterprise Print Management Solutions. Choosing based on detailed analysis will ensure that you get the best without any problems in the long run. From our years of experience as a printers and copiers supplier in UAE, we like to share some of the main points you should consider before selecting a managed print service company

What will you Receive?

Before hiring a managed print service company, we must ask a simple but important question. What services do they provide? Is there an extra charge for repairs or spare parts? Their service timing, guarantee, and how many service checkups they provide per month should all be clearly understood before hiring. To get a better idea, learn about the services and terms and conditions.

Cost of Service

Different companies have different parameters while fixing the service coast. Some companies will be charging based on the printer meter reading, some on the bases of volume of printing . Some others will have a fixed service charge. Based on your location there may be variation in the pricing.

Who are their Managed Print Service Clients 

Understanding their previous clients will provide a better understanding of the company’s reputation. Request a list of companies and case studies completed by the company. If we can contact any companies that use managed print services, they will share both the benefits and drawbacks.

How can they Improve the Security

Hiring a managed print service company can also help you improve your cyber security. Ask for information about how they intend to improve security. Find out more about their printing security strategies.

How Much they are Customizable 

The most important aspect of using a managed print service is its ability to be customized. As a result, it is essential that they arrange the printing according to your specifications. A good managed print service company can change your printing in an efficient, cost-effective manner with less wastage.

Challenges To Managed Print Services

The sudden growth of Managed Print service companies and it’s high demands lead the way to formation of many companies in this Sector. Like every field here also exist some fraud companies.  Lets see some of the challenges faced by Managed Print services.

  • Concerns are linked with the privacy and security of the information.
  • Issues with the structuring of partnerships
  • There are doubts linked to effectiveness and efficiency
  • High expenditure on the installation

Always hire a company after detailed research as it involves both time and money. As a leading printers, copier suppliers in UAE, we are always here to help you at any time.

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