Best Home Projector Screen

What to Consider When Finding a Best Home Projector Screen

Visual Entertainments are a great time pass for most of us. Especially after the pandemic period, it has played an important role in our society. The entry of OTT platforms also helped it gain popularity. Projectors are also now a great trend. Providing High-quality images on the big screen almost fulfils our Theatre Experiences.  As leading projector distributors in uae we suggest you consider some factors before buying a home projector. 

Resolution and Contrast

The clarity of an image produced by a projector is referred to as resolution. A general screen image is made out of tiny dots called pixels. The more pixels on a screen, the better the quality of the image is going to be. If your goal is to watch movies or play games, what you need to look for is a resolution with a high number of pixels. A good resolution for a home theatre projector is 1920X1080, which we call Full HD & 4K UHD (3840X2160, referred to as true 4K). A good quality home theatre projector has at least these pixel specifications, which you’ll need to be able to show HD movies or games. For reference, BenQ’s W1700 Cinehome Projector has 4K UHD and 8.3 million distinct pixels for each frame, four times the resolution of Full HD 1080p. A 4K projector resolution creates the clearest and most detailed images out of all resolution. SSIT a major BenQ Smart and Laser Projectors distributors in uae provide all types of projectors according to customers’ requirements. 

Color Technology

The vast majority of home theatre projectors on the market will be DLP projectors (DLP). DLP projectors reflect light using small mirrors. A color wheel is also used in DLP projectors (a spinning wheel with multiple color filters). These projectors are often portable and provide stronger contrast. What is the significance of color? The standard Red, Green, Blue (sRGB) color space is typically used as the default color option by projector makers. In terms of precision, a video filmed in this mode should be presented on a screen with the same color accuracy as when it was shot. However, projectors are more sensitive than other types of displays in terms of light intensity, contrast, and distance; all of these factors should be considered. 

Room Size

Whether you live alone or with your family, the location you place your projectors in is vital for how you enjoy your watching experience. Depending on size and décor, you must first choose where you will set your projector: in the center or to the side. Space may be restricted, especially if you have a family with youngsters. Look for projectors that can modify their picture dependent on where they are placed, such as those that can be mounted on a table or the ceiling. Short throw projectors, lens shift features, and sideways keystone correction all help to modify the picture based on the projector’s angle and position.

Consider your purpose

Projectors come in a variety of forms, sizes, and prices, with varying functionality depending on which one you choose. You could have a family and wish to spend precious time together while watching movies. Perhaps you enjoy gaming and want to invite your friends over to play multiplayer games on the large screen. The most recent sporting events may make you want to join your friends and family and watch the big game outside. Whatever the reason, you should think about getting a projector that meets your demands and specifications. Smart solution and IT Technology is a top projector distributor in UAE with years of experience in sailing projectors in and around uae. If you are interested in buying projectors please contact us.

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