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Which is the Best CCTV Installation Company in Dubai, UAE

Security is an important factor we all look for. The emergence in technology has also made a great renaissance in the field of securities too. One of the main trending security devices is none other than CCTV cameras. In a trade center like Dubai, we have a large number of cctv installation companies in UAE. But you all know if we want to get good service and satisfaction we must look for a company that has good experience and dedicated sales professionals.

Smart Solutions and IT Technology is a leading CCTV security solution in dubai that provides excellent service with a wide range of brands dealt by experienced professionals. We at SSIT provide CCTV cameras that best suit our clients requirements by carefully caring for some factors like their property type, Area covered, security level expected. We have already installed hundreds of CCTV security solutions in Dubai, and we are very happy to say that all our clients are extremely happy with our service and they also suggested as for their friends and relatives.


The most powerful UAE citizens founded the Al Ahlia Group in 1979 with the goal of bringing professionalism and technology to business in the UAE. The mission of New Generation Imaging L.L.C., which was founded in 2005 but has been a member of a group for the past 30 years, is to deliver the greatest products and solutions. The company’s vision is to be the best solution provider in the uae market.

Triumph Adler (Germany) Multifunctional Copiers, Printers, and BenQ Smart and Laser Projectors are all distributed in the UAE by SSIT. Because we place the needs of our customers at the centre of all we do, we have developed swiftly and acquired their trust. For office automation, IT, communication, security & surveillance solutions, we have consistently been the top option.

We have offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The locations of our corporate showroom and user experience center are in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, respectively.

We have highly skilled professionals with excellent technical knowledge and experience in using the latest cctv operation and installation. We have built a large pool of knowledge that we apply to deliver solutions that meet client’s needs, expectations and budget. By putting our clients at the heart of everything we provide the best.

Choosing the right CCTV is the first important step, at ssit we give extreme care to this step. We carefully examine your needs and suggest the best brand that is best apt for your property.

We provide cctv security solutions in UAE, that can be managed and monitored easily via the internet from anywhere on the globe. You will be able to receive live feeds directly to your phone as long as you have an active internet connection. If a forcible break occurs, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the situation and alert police enforcement before more harm is done. Our mobile interface is very friendly to use.

We aim for being the first choice and best providers for business technology and security solution services in Dubai. We provide a safe and secure environment for living and working with reliable and trustworthy services to our customers.

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